Headshot Therapy

Great Grandma and Great Grandson

As part of my therapy for my anxiety I’ve taken a good interest in headshot and/or portrait photography. I’ve watched a couple of training courses on everything from lighting and composition to wardrobe to the art of capturing good headshots. It mainly seems to be related to doing a good job of making people forget that there’s a camera in front of them and get them to feel it’s more of a one on one with me (the photographer).  Thought I would share a few of the headshots I’ve added to my collection since starting down this road. I’ve invested some money into it and so far I’m feeling more and more comfortable each time around. The plan is to eventually move onto doing them more as a service I can provide to people looking for a good headshot photographer here in the near future. Enjoy!

Future Dr. Guzman aka My 2nd Oldest Friend only beat out by his brother. We’ve known each other since birth pretty much and have spent 90% of our lives in close contact. Legend says if you have super old childhood friends you aren’t a communist. (Doctors orders!)

Elodie aka The Baby Alive Fiend. She likes to overfeed her dolls so they poop. Also attempts to force you to watch the feeding and pooping. I just pretend to watch so she doesn’t feel alone in her poop obsession 😉

Marty and The Red Chair. As we drove past I spotted the chair on the corner. So I said we have to get a shot with that in the middle of the street. Marty was scared of traffic so I settled for the sidewalk.
My two sons. Single parenting is hard. I’ve had some help along the way and am happy to say that my boys get along great and look out for one another, and thats good enough for me.
Kerstin can and will attest. I offer changes in attitude and the photographic experience.
Mother and Daughter Portrait. She gave me about a solid 120 seconds of cooperation before becoming bored to death with the shoot 🙂
Portrait of Myself taken by my youngest in our home studio. The grey’s are really coming in. I blame the anxiety.

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