Dirt Church: Sandy Ridge



Feels like it had been a while since I was out riding with a large group of people and not been in a rush to bang out laps and go home. It’s nice to just get out to the woods and hang out with good peeps and have fun riding my bike and capture some rad images portraying that. While Sandy Ridge isn’t one of my favorite local trails it was muddy out and I like riding there in the wet. All in all it was a good day. The weather was perfect, my camera’s batteries were charged and I didn’t forget a CF card, my bike felt fucking awesome and the company had a sense of humor… I couldn’t ask for more.  I will let the images do the talking.












One thought on “Dirt Church: Sandy Ridge

  1. Hi – May I have permission to use a couple of your pics of women mt bikers on Sandy Ridge? I am working to get more trails built between Mt. Hood and Portland. I worked on the Government Camp trail system. I plan to use the pics for non-profit use in displays, briefings, etc. like one I have to make tomorrow at a Metro Trails Fair. I will be glad to give photo credit.
    Please let me know – thanks!
    Kathleen Walker – Walker Trails.

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