I’m typically more into making art through the means of a camera, but I can occasionally appreciate viewing what the rest of the creative world is up to by visiting an art museum. On this occasion it happened to be the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. I have this theory that although I love art and have always considered myself a creative/artistic type (i.e. I was always the kid in art class getting asked to do the projects for everyone else.) I am not typically terribly impressed by things like modern art. I feel like I just assume that it must be good if it 1) is in a museum, 2) makes me wonder about the mental health of the artist and 3) makes me wish I had saved all my kids art projects from pre-school so that I could have been sitting pretty after unloading them to art curators across the globe as “modern art.”

Here’s a few snap shots from my LACMA visit. I was mostly disappointed by the fact that the lights out front were getting a fresh paint job which robbed me of the chance to get a cliche night shot in front of. Which by the way I was planning on not doing a cliche shot and mixing it up with some crazy photo idea which I would’ve came up with in the heat of the moment to make it my very own type of borderline cliche LACMA lights pic. Maybe next time!! And if I offend anyone with my thoughts on art I apologize.  I am pretty sure that most creative people feel the same as I do in some manner. We look at the art and think things like “Holy Crap! If only I had the money and space to purchase this gi-normous 50ft x 200ft white mounted canvas and painted a horizontal blue stripe across it with a paint roller! I just missed out on being loaded.” Just my dos centavos.

street knowledge
modern selfie
modern selfie – I like to make the most use from what’s available
dodgeball room
I bet employees have insane dodgeball matches in here after hours
the spaghetti walk
double portrait of my companions on this visit

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