Sundays Are For Growing

A quick little one on one.

It was Sunday. I was at the house hanging out studying for my exam on Tuesday when my youngest son Gordo mentioned something about going to The Lumberyard to work on his tables. He’s been lately very into learning how to do tables on his mountain bike, so practicing on his park bike would be a good start.  So we headed over, I figured that while at the park I could sit and get some studying in so it was no big deal to get out of the house.

Once over at the yard I ran into a few people I hadn’t seen in a while and also into my friend Levi who is moving to Bend, OR soon and we’re all sad to see him go. Levi happens to be an instructor and helped Gordo out with his tables a bit.  Seemed like Gordo really absorbed whatever instruction he got from Levi because he was doing 100% better in no time.  I’m sure to non parents it might seem like not a big deal but how could I not be stoked at the look on my kids face when I see him accomplish that seemed to keep eluding him. So after practicing it for a few more hours we finally got around to heading home when Gordo’s hunger pains were too much to bare. Thanks to my homie Levi and my new friend John for the tips they gave Gordo and the fun time hanging out riding and shooting some sweet pics.

I managed to get a few decent shots. The lighting at the Lumberyard isn’t the most conducive for photographers not shooting with a flash but I think I managed some decent images. Personally I kind of like the occasional set of grainy images. Definitely loving my new Sony A600 mirrorless but I need to upgrade from the kit lens for sure. Aside from the kit lens not being the greatest for low light conditions it is a bad ass little camera for anyone looking for a good quality portable camera. You won’t be disappointed!


Gordo getting his tables dialed in.
Gordo getting his tables dialed in.
Shot I got of Levi with his new trick; a toboggan.




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