Athlete Profile: Eloisa Miller

A couple of years back I met this girl. Later I found out that she modeled, performed, organized events AND was raising kids. And after finding all of that out I found out that she really got into fitness and nutrition and somehow found the time to compete in her first fitness competition. To be able to accomplish all of those things together is a pretty spectacular feat so I thought I would snap some pics and ask a few questions so I could share her with everyone reading. You never know . . . you might find some inspiration, admiration or hopefully a little of both like me.

Eloisa Miller
Hometown: Salem OR
Height: 5’1″
Gun Diameter: (not real guns. suns out guns out kind.) : My boys measured my right lil pistol at 11.75″… my left is a tad smaller, we don’t need that measurement. Ha.
Occupation/s: Supermom to 3 super incredible boys, a dedicated employee of Portland Public Schools doing work in diversity and equity, and a woman giving it her all to live the good life as best as possible!
Hobbies: Discovering life with my boys, dreaming, writing, gym time, running outdoors, eating and naps.

Currently you’re into fitness training, how did you happen to start getting serious about it?                                                  

I have to give credit to my parents first of all.  They were both big contributors to my overall desire to want to live a healthy lifestyle.  My Mom dragged me out of bed at 5am to go running with her in my young teens and my Dad took me into the weight room and gave me my first weightlifting plan.  I incorporated the lifting and cardio into my life on and off over the years.  Life happens and sometimes we make that into an excuse not to take care of ourselves. The real kicker for me was in 2012.  At that time in my life, I noticed my weight kept creeping up and the final draw for me was growing out of my favorite pair of jeans and saw 137lbs on the scale. It was the most uncomfortable and miserable I had ever felt. 

In December of 2012, I joined CrossFit Salem to really challenge myself and gain some motivation.  I absolutely loved it! In the meantime, I had this thought in the back of my mind that was inspired by one of my cousins, Teresa Breshears.  She had competed in a show and I just thought that was pretty incredible.  As I noticed my body changing with Crossfit and my energy level going up, I decided to take things another step further and really challenge myself; I had decided to compete.  In July of 2013, I hired a trainer, Angel Starr Saucier, who was also my cousin’s trainer. She guided me as I transformed my body thorough lifting and a strict nutrition plan for the stage in November 2013, where I placed top 5. I had never felt so AMAZING! I didn’t compete in 2014, but competed in my second show in May 2015 with the same trainer. This time, I didn’t place, but I learned quite a bit and aim to do much better in the Spring.

Fill me in on a little bit of your workout routine; hours a week/day. weights only? cardio? juicing? ( and not the fruit kind ;P lol jk )
LOL at juicing! That’s definitely not for me. I lift at least 4 days a week and run at least 3 days per week, currently.  I’ve taken it upon myself to be more informed and educated in movements that target certain areas the best, learning how to create my workouts, as well as looking into different ways to maintain good nutrition that supports my goals. At the May body building show I competed in, I heard some talk amongst the ladies about this “flexible dieting”.  It peaked my interest so I’m reading about that since it seems to be more flexible than the plan I was on. There are some wonderful resources out there, but it can also become overwhelming.  I highly suggest hiring a trainer or seeking out a mentor if you’re not familiar with weights or nutrition for that matter.  It’s so helpful to learn from professionals while also taking it upon yourself to be informed.
What made you decide to register for your first competition and how was that experience?  Was it emotionally/mentally draining as well as physically?
I needed a goal and competing in a show felt like an amazing challenge and a way for me to prove to myself that I can do it! It can be emotionally draining for sure; lack of energy and the daily grind can get to you.  Having supportive family, friends and loved ones is so important while you are going through a total transformation of lifestyle. Mentally, yes, draining at times.  I would say the mental drain was mostly in the moments where you are pushing yourself so hard on the last reps and you truly have to dig deep to tell yourself that you can get through it! That mental strength also comes into play when fighting off (and I do mean FIGHT!) cravings for sweets and carbs.  Of course, the physical drain exists as well.  Rest takes care of that. 
You’re a mom; how do your kids feel about all the time put into your training?
They were super supportive of me both times I competed and often felt guilty eating treats in front of me, which was so thoughtful.  I tried to hit the gym super late at night to prevent cutting into family time or right after work.  As they are getting older, they’ll be able to join me and that’s fun to think about.  In fact, my 11 year old, Elijah, recently started lifting and running with me.  He loves it!
You organized a burlesque series, on the back burner or is it just gone?
Good question, Roo! I did leave that on the back burner to do my first show in 2013 and haven’t been on stage as a performer since. I miss it! I miss my productions and what they meant to others because it truly was about everyone else having a great time.  I can’t say I’m done….we’ll see! Giggle & Blush Peepshow still sits there in my heart waiting on me to do something with it….
Midnight snacks; name your 3 favorite in order from most favorite:
Ha ha!! Are we talking healthy or bad?  We’ll go with somewhat healthy:
1. Smores Quest Bar
2. White Chocolate Raspberry Quest Bar
3. Apple Quest Bar
I really like Quest Bars!
Next competition; anymore on the horizon or is that part of it over at the moment?
To be honest, I would do two competitions per year if I could; however, there is a big financial obligation that I just can’t and shouldn’t do.  Being on a single mom budget with 3 boys is tough enough without me spending literally hundreds of dollars to compete in just one show. My goal was to do a Fall show, but postponing until Spring 2016.  Super excited about it!  I’ll be more prepared as well as will have a new bikini suit designed by Holly Dai, Burlesque performer and Producer.  She’s a top notch seamstress!
Any plans with your acquired fitness knowledge?
Actually, now that I’m training my son, Elijah, I feel a great sense that I would really enjoy training kids. I feel like I live a pretty full and busy life, but sharing my passion for fitness just feels right.  I need to do it!  If and when I figure out what I need to do, you may see me training young athletes to be even better, stronger athletes.  That’s where my heart is.  We have so many opportunities for adults and feel we are missing out on such a great opportunity with the youth.  Getting kids involved is so important for their overall being and to becoming productive citizens in society.  When you feel good, you do good!
Lastly any words of wisdom for women or men looking to get fit and making excuses like myself? And the date Dec. 18, 2015….does it mean anything to you?
I would say if you can’t find a reason to do it for yourself…. if you have a family, do it for them. Our children are watching and we need to be the best role model for them in every aspect including how we take care of ourselves. If you don’t have kids….then what is your excuse?? You have all the time in the world in the eyes of parents. If they can do it, you can too!  Stop being your own barrier.  Start small.  Just freaking do it and don’t wait for a Monday to start.
December 18 is the day before my brother’s Birthday…. other than that, what should it mean?  [Eek face]
One last bit that I would like to add to this is to know that to be an athlete, you don’t have to be a professional competitor in any sport.  Being an athlete is what you feel in your heart.  I define it as the strength, fire, determination, endurance and the power to overcome the physical challenge at hand.
Also, you will have all sorts of people telling you how to do it their way, critiquing you ALL the time and if you listen to everyone, you can easily become scattered and sabotage your own progress.  Do what feels right and be in tuned with your body and how your workouts and nutrition are affecting you; journal it. If you hire a trainer or a nutritionist, do what you’re told because that’s what you hired them for. If it isn’t working, be honest with your trainer and make the appropriate adjustments. 
Know that it won’t be a perfect journey and that is completely OK!  Surround yourself with people who support you.  Let go of the negative input.  Fall in love with the process otherwise, if you hate it, you won’t stick to it.  The results will come in time with consistency.  
Last, but not least, have fun with it!!
Thanks to Eloisa for taking the time to answer my questions and have a more or less impromptu shoot with me underneath Portland’s zoo.  As for the final question you are obviously not a big Star Wars fan or you would know the date! No biggie…it’s only the best story on the planet. I’ll definitely be trying to follow your example and get my ass in gear as far as taking better care of myself. Next time I see you I’ll be sure to have some Eggo’s and peanut butter with me 😉

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