Local Fundraising

Saturday was the CCMTB/Evergreen Shuttle Day fundraising event for our local builders. Turn out was good, dirt was perfect, weather was great and everyone had a great time. The only thing that seemed weird was that I had never in my life seen so many flat tires. One after another riders were rolling down the trails with flat tires(aside from my broken shifter cable that escalated to a busted shifter). Not sure what they were all due to but it was something for sure. Regardless everyone had a great day of riding, eating food and drinking beer with all the local riding friends.  I was out there with my camera and managed to snap some shots to that I am posting here to share with you guys. I will post and share the date for the next event, they are really something not to be missed. There are the 2 trails that run side by side for the most part. Cold Creek is an all mountain trail with everything from crazy rock gardens, berms, kickers and drops. Cold Creek has some good flow for sure and is one of the SW Washington’s best trails and is not to be missed. Thrillium is next to Cold Creek and is an extra long trail leaning on the side of DH but with some pedally sections thrown in for good measure. During enduro races here on the mountain Thrillium really puts the hurt on riders with DH bikes (because of the pedally sections) and riders on 6inch bikes because of the gnar. Either way they are both super sick trails that deserve a day of riding. Enjoy the photos and hope to see you at the next event. Funding from the fundraising events goes towards trail improvements and work. Thanks to all the fundraising event sponsors as well as all the volunteers that helped out.

**All images taken by myself. I own the copy rights. Please do not use without permission. 

Cold Creek Shuttle Day-119

Cole with the mtb mounts on the moto.
Cole with the mtb mounts on the moto.
Volunteers manning the registration booth and food setup.
Volunteers manning the registration booth and food setup.

Cold Creek Shuttle Day-127


Cold Creek Shuttle Day-174


Cold Creek Shuttle Day-193

Cold Creek Shuttle Day-72

Cold Creek Shuttle Day-66

Cold Creek Shuttle Day-63

Cold Creek Shuttle Day-17

Cold Creek Shuttle Day-14

Cold Creek Shuttle Day-73

Cold Creek Shuttle Day-148
Kerstin Holster was out on the mountain busting out laps and was looking fast!

Cold Creek Shuttle Day-153

Cold Creek Shuttle Day-120

Cold Creek Shuttle Day-113
Tristan Martin getting his jump on as he follows friends down the trail.
Cold Creek Shuttle Day-208
Joe Rager out enjoying the jumps in the lower section of Thrillium.
Cold Creek Shuttle Day-159
Volunteers were on hand to assist with anything that needed a hand.
Kids were enjoying their day out in the woods.
Kids were enjoying their day out in the woods.
Pep talk from dad.
Pep talk from dad.

Cold Creek Shuttle Day-87

Cold Creek Shuttle Day-44



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