Bingen on Valentines

A few buddy’s and I got up super early this past Saturday morning and being as it was Valentines Day we decided that we needed to give our bikes a little love. We rolled out to Bingen, WA…actually more like just east of Bingen at a place the local mountain bikers refer to as Syncline. Just across the river at Dakine they even have a pair of shorts named after it. It’s a well loved local spot, you just have to make sure to get out there early as it takes no time at all to fill up with hikers. But really you can’t blame them with the wide open space and its gorgeous views of the Columbia River Gorge. Looking out across the gorge you can see Mt. Hood and the city of Hood River, OR sitting there on the water. The only real downside to Syncline is how windy it can be up at the top sometimes, you might have to lean into the wind to stand upright. So if you live locally and haven’t gotten a chance to experience it you need to get out there and see it one day. Ask any local bike shop in a 50 mile radius and they should be able to point you in the right direction.

We had a couple of mishaps but no one needed emergency medical services so that’s always a good thing. My venezuelan brother got to celebrate his birthday in style and with friends and we all had a blast. I hadn’t been to Syncline in a little over 2 years I think so it was awesome to get to ride it again as I’d forgotten how amazing the views were. It’s got something for everyone to ride regardless of your riding style. And don’t forget that after the ride you can stop and grab some beer and grub in White Salmon, WA or at any of the local breweries in Hood River as well and end the day on a high note!













3 thoughts on “Bingen on Valentines

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