Update 4/7/2014

Just wanted to update whoever is reading on what I’ve been doing lately and let you know that this blog isn’t dead yet. I’ve gotten a new job recently and am now the Asst. Warehouse Manager/ Sales Rep for 2 very awesome bike industry manufacturers.  I’m working at The Gravity Cartel(www.thegravitycartel.com) and we are the North American distributors for Spank Industries (www.spank-bikes.com) and iXS (www.ixs-sportsdivision.com). Both companies make great quality products and I’m glad to be working for them both.

New Work Spot
New Work Spot

I also flew down to southern California to drive up with a new transplant and we saw the coast and a few humongous pine trees along U.S. 101.

Roadtrip with Big Trees
Roadtrip with Big Trees

And I’ve also done some Pacific Northwest spring time riding on the local trails with my kids and our friends.

Springtime Shred with My Boys
Springtime Shred with My Boys

Last but not least I finally got myself a new mountain bike in hopes of getting back in shape and having some fun riding my mountain bike again. Thanks to Hi-5 Bikes (www.hi-5bikes.com) for hooking me up with the sweet frame and components!

New Bike; Tomasa
New Bike; Tomasa   2014 Banshee Spitfire

Look for me to be cruising around at Sea Otter this weekend on my bike of walking around with my camera in PNW Life, Spank and iXS gear!


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