Puppy Love Monday

Puddles, Trees & Clouds
Puddles, Trees & Clouds

Took a drive with my youngest son and my brother over to Sandy River Delta Park this past Monday afternoon. I had driven past it a ton of times and had seen people walking there dogs out in the meadow but had never had the chance to stop and check it out. Finally got the chance to go by and check it out with my dog Kona and my brothers dog Sasha in tow. It was an overcast/rainy President’s Day. There were puddles everywhere and luckily I’d reminded everyone to grab their hiking shoes because the trails were pretty muddy in some spots. The dogs, needless to say, had a blast and were knocked out the second we got them back into the car. They ran, played, marked their territory about a zillion times and even did some swimming. I also managed to snap a few good shots of my dog playing around at the park and having a blast.

If you haven’t taken your canine buddy/buddy’s out here you should check it out. It’s in Oregon just outside of Troutdale on I-84 exit 18. It’s just north of the interstate, you can’t miss it. Also enjoy the rest of my photos from the trip!

A Wet Dog Is A Happy Dog
A Wet Dog Is A Happy Dog
Sasha's First Big Outing
Sasha’s First Big Outing
It's The Little Things
It’s The Little Things

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