Finally Up and Running

The boys and I finally got our web-store up and running.(Now lets just hope that I set everything up correctly!) We went live today, Saturday Jan.25th. Hopefully we get lucky and things work out and sell so our little project can grow.

Storefront page for our web-store.
Storefront page for our web-store.

As you can see it’s nothing fancy but will do for now. If you like what we are producing feel free to help us out and make a purchase. Our goal is to try and grow to the point we will be encompassing many of the different activities that are at home here in the PNW. So expect more from us.

And by the way this, for those that didn’t know, is a project my kids and I decided to take on and see where we could go with it. We talked about it and finally decided to start small and give it a shot. I have to say that it is pretty awesome to be working on something together with my kids. The designs and planning for marketing and all that good stuff is all coming directly from the 3 of us. We moved here to the PNW about 5 years ago and have fallen in love with this place. This is our way of sharing some of the things that we’ve come to love about this place with everyone and we hope people like it. We will have more products available in our store soon 🙂



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