Ravens Sunday Fun

Shuttle RigSo a bunch of my Portland area buddies, my kids and I made a day out of heading up to Ravens Ridge to blow off some steam and have some fun. I really haven’t been out riding too much as of late but today seriously put into perspective how much I had missed being off my bike. The fact alone that we were able to get up there this time of the year and shred was amazing! My kids had a blast and so did all of my friends despite a couple of wrecks. I will definitely have to start spending more time again on my bike and get back up to speed. I am pretty sure that the perfect dirt conditions contributed greatly to the awesome time had on the bikes shredding one of the funnest trails around. My kids are already asking if we can head back next weekend. Seems that I am not the only one that forgot how much fun being on bikes and discovering a new trail is. And once my hands had enough I grabbed my camera gear and rode up with my buddy Kole(b&w shot) to get some filming and shooting in before the sun took off for the day.

untitled shoot-035-EditAlso managed to sneak in a sweet shot of our buddy Corey as well.

Corey SteezSee you on the trails!


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