Sunday Afternoon Shoot

So my days off from my 40+ hour a week job are Sunday and Monday. Which translates to me only having Sunday to spend the entire day with both of my sons.  So this a video that the boys and I shot this past Sunday on very short notice and a very short amount of time to shoot. I did a little bit of switching in between our GoPro Hero2 footage and my Nikon D7000 footage. Aside from the push up my boys seemed to be in good spirits and being as they’re no strangers to my mountain bike photography routine they made no fusses about pushing back up as many times as it took to get decent shots. They both being as good at riding as they are I was able to keep the pushing back up for another shot to a minimum. All in all we had a good time, aside from me wearing the extremely wrong pair of shoes for hiking up a steep and rocky downhill trail. And incase anyone is wondering Gordo my youngest is shredding on a 2007 Specialized Enduro and Mylan my oldest is on a 2012 Banshee Rune which he riding the hell out of on the gnarly rock garden towards the end of the video!


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