2013 Goldman Games Best Trick Comp

Garage FrontSo after knocking out a couple of hours at work on Friday morning last week I jumped in my car and made the drive from Portland to Jamie Goldman’s house out in Bend, OR to photograph the 2013 Goldman Games Best Trick Competition. After my nice drive out to he high desert of Oregon I finally made it to the event. After being greeted by Jamie and finding out that all the riders were out with the video crews shooting their edits for the video competition part of the event Jamie got to work on course prep and I settled in and looked around the course on his property. It looked awesome and I was getting itchy trigger finger about it getting under way.
Course PrepCompetitors consisted of Alex Reveles, Brendan Howey, Grant Schnell, Tanner Greiner, Erin Lawrenuk, Carson Storch, Tom Van Steenbergen, Scott Grant, Sam Duek, Christian Wright, Corbin Selfe, Eric Johnson, Garret Robertson, Ryan Howard, Ray George, Noah Brousseau, Max Kauert, Kyle Jameson, Kirt Vorheis, Sir Geoff Gulevich the 3rd, Jack Fogelquist, Jarrett Moore, Jeff Herbertson and Jordie Lunn. Watching all these guys laying tricks down all afternoon was a pretty amazing experience. Even better yet was getting amazing photographs of all of these guys in mid flight with all their style. The atmosphere was very relaxed and laid back, more on par with a bunch of friends just hanging out on a Friday afternoon and playing with their bikes. PracticeEarly Afternoon Warming Up

Kirt Vorheis 360The Best Trick Competition was video taped and then put up on http://www.pinkbike.com to allow its members to vote online for the winner. I thought that was pretty awesome to let the mountain bike community choose the winner of he competition. The same was done for the video entries from Friday. Video can be voted on and seen here: http://www.pinkbike.com/news/Vote-Now-Goldman-Games-Peoples-Choice-Awards.html Air TimeEnd of the Line



Tailwhip Silhouette

Jordie Lunn Mid Rotation

All in all I had a great time and it was fun watching lots of the guys that I normally only watch in videos doing big air tricks. The night ended in some fire pit jumping and everyone seemed to be having a blast. Its not everyday that I get to see someone backflipping or 360ing a large fire! Can’t wait for the next event and more fun next year.End of Comp Fire Jumping


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