PNW Miller Time!!

Introducing the first of my many to come PNW Profiles, Mr. Miller …or Max, Maximum Radness for those of you on pinkbike, Northwest Max or Buttercup which is what he always asks me to refer to him as. A man of many trades and all around awesome guy. He was also one of the first locals I met when I first moved here to P-Town. I caught him talking smack about people from Southern California a couple of times but once he clarified that he wasn’t referring to LA County peeps I was able to relate (cough! cough! O.C. cough!) and we were cool.

Aside from being a cool guy he is also an entrepreneur, brand new daddy, custom bike designer, rain or shine(or snow) mountain shredder, trail builder, consumer of mexican food and a certified member of the extreme sports nerds clan.

Images: Roo and Mylan

Video: Roo (intro song: Bob Marley & The Wailers; So Much Things To Say)

For information on contacting Max go to:


2 thoughts on “PNW Miller Time!!

  1. Sweet! The thrillium trail is the reason I bought a freeride bike this year. I’m grateful to all the guys and hard work they have put into this place. Maximum Radness is rad!

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