“A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.”


I am mainly creating this post as a means to get my new blog up and running. I have a few people that will help me with it so that I can provide content with more frequency and with different points of view. This blog will be as much about my life in the Pacific Northwest as it is about the people I come across here in our small corner of the country. Living here for over 4 years now this awesome place has become home for my children and myself and I want to share as many things as I can about it and it’s people with the world. There will be the occasional random blog post but also interviews with pictures and video of Pacific NW locals in their environments. I’m set on helping getting locals some much needed exposure, as well as relaying to the world that not everyone here is a hippy. Setting up my blog account is the first step in getting this ball rolling! I will have some more entertaining content for you in the very near future.  -Roo


One thought on ““A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.”

  1. Awesome! Great interview… I love the profanity corner ending with Max, Ed, and I.. Classic. Great times with great friends here in the NW… Miller Time… Radness… Living life on the edge and taking everythin to the limit that’s us and what we do ….

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